Buninyong Local Produce Swap

Our Produce Swaps have gone into Winter Recess - we will re-assess in Spring time.

Buninyong Produce Swape werei> run on the second Sunday of the month. Check back later for future dates.

Hello all local gardeners, makers, sustainers, Get ready for a productive swap on the second Sunday of each month 9:30am until 11:00am at Royal Park in Buninyong.

So whatever you have in surplus around the house, garden or orchard, such as veggies, fruit, seedlings, worm farm worms, herbs, preserves, baking, eggs (the odd rooster), recycled items, egg cartons, jars with metal lids etc. - anything you are happy to swap or give away because it is excess to you. Hope to see you at Royal Park at 9:30am, on the second Sunday of the month! Jo, Jill & all the Friends of Royal Park - Buninyong Sustainability

~ How it works ~

A monthly local produce swap - first initiated by BREAZE Local Food Group at the Ballarat Community Garden Swap   Run by the Buninyong Community Garden, Friends of Royal Park and supported by the Ballarat Community Garden and the Ballarat Permaculture Guild.  

It's best to arrive early (between 9:30 and 10) as that's when most of the swapping happens.

The kettle is always on so you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

It's also nice to see what's happening at the Community Garden.

It's always inspiring to see what people bring along to swap... home grown produce, seeds, seedlings, clean egg cartons or jars, sour dough starter, home baked bread or other goods.

There isn't any monetary value placed on goods - it is an exchange between 2 people and whatever they think is a fair swap.  

After 10:30, some swappers may donate excess goods to the Community Garden, so then there is usually a table of excess goods that can be taken home for a donation - donate what you think is fair.

Our first swap at Buninyong:

At the Ballarat Swap: