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Our Buninyong community – why we love it

From the locals who came to Buninyong as a founding family, to the new locals who have chosen this patch as their place to settle, the value of the wonderful community spirit of Buninyong is a bonus to the beautiful landscape and historic buildings.

The redevelopment of Royal Park as a demonstration of the sustainable future we all need to move towards, is very much a community project - For the community, by the community.

Working groups spread the load, focus the effort, help with a succession plan, and continue to foster our community spirit.

We invite you to be a part of Royal Park’s redevelopment!

Buninyong Sustainability has created a number of working groups that you can participate in – whether that be a little or a lot! You can share your expertise or gain some new skills. The Working Groups include:

Help run the Smart Living Expo

Drone shot 3Our main event for the year, and held in the last week of February as the Western Victorian part of the National Sustainablilty Festival.

Organistion for this runs from about May, so pretty much all year - the 2024 event will be our 10th year.

We need: contacts, admin, marketing, sponsors, lots of expo workers on the day - please contact the Expo director, Andrea Mason via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sign up to help!

Charge Point in BuninyongEV for the Expo

Our 2016 Expo focused on Electric Vehicles, and funds were raised to put towards building an electric car charging point in destination Buninyong. 

This project has been deliverd now, with the help of Buninyong Community Bank, and the City of Ballarat.  The Buninyong EV charging point was officially opened in January of 2020.

Keeping in contact with retailers of EVs and EV owners (bikes, motor bikes and all kinds of cars) is a part of the Expo team, each year.  We aim for the largest display of electric vehicles in Western Victoria.

Community Arts Garden Group

Building, landscaping, designing, horticulture, organic gardening, mowing, composting, propagating, permaculture, sustainability, education, art, sculpture, mosaic, murals, music.  The Garden is being updated (December 2023), and a new community building is planned (in the future - 2025? or more). The people who turn up will have a say in what it looks like and how it works for our community.

Redevelopment of Royal Park Buninyong

First - the work on updating the beautifying our work horse gardens! Next and ongoing, liaising with City of Ballarat on the community needs, and the sustainability of the proposed new building.

August 2023

The Future of Royal Park

New works at the Buninyong Community Garden. 

Please note that the detail of the garden beds varies from this image. See the actual detail here.

MasterPlans August 2023 1

MasterPlans August 2023 2

MasterPlans August 2023 3


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